Monday, June 4, 2012

Tool #2, yo.

Online communities are awesome, except this isn't really that new to me. There's this thing called Facebook. Maybe you've heard of it? I kid. I participate in online communities everyday of my life. Instagram is my current obsession, but I also like twitter. Communicating through online communities is great for people you don't really have contact with everyday or people you might not feel comfortable with calling or texting. For me, asynchronous messaging can be tedious because I can be impatient, and it's easier to pick up the phone and send a text. If I don't have a urgent question, sending an email can be easier because I don't have to log on to outlook every time I want to check my email; it justs does it for me.

Now the implications of sharing information through a blog, such as being able to refer others to the information, can be cool. I like the idea of using diigo for webquests or even for stations. One of the biggest time wasters in the classroom that is using electronic websites is the students trying to find the information that you want them to. Many times they just google the exact question that you are asking them to find. By using diigo, I can help guide them to the answer without doing all the work of them.

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