Monday, June 4, 2012

Tool #10

1. I want my students to understand that what they publish on the internet can affect them in the future. Students need to understand copyright laws, how plagiarism works, and implications of violating these rules. I also want my students to understand how to use technology appropriately and safely.

2. I plan on using Atomic learning to teach my students about copyright laws and Creative Commons.

3. I would plan on teaching my students that good behavior in my class extends to the internet and the use of technology in my classroom.

4. Parents can learn about digital citizenship through our introductory letter at the beginning of the year and also on my website.

1 comment:

  1. It might be a fun thing to have students create videos for their parents or other adults about digital citizenship. They'd have to understand their audience and incorporate persuasive stuff, but also do research, process stuff, and media. That would cover a load of TEKS in one shot.

    Great job on the Blog. See you soon.